Awaken the Bacon

There are certain things that will remain trendy for
long periods of time, usually related to the strong desire of the consumers. This is why bacon is not a “one-night trend”, it is a serious commitment. Which is why for our first blog together we will be exploring the undeniably trendy bacon phenomenon that has ignited and why Montrealers love bacon and bacon related products so much.

While Bacon Day has
been an unofficial holiday since 2000 (Bacon Today), Montreal had their first official Bacon Festival this last May. This festival that revolved around Montrealer’s love of bacon also involved live music and dancing to work off all that extra bacon weight (Festival du Bacon).

In addition to our cravbaconing for bacon, the image of bacon has also become a commercialized trend. You can find bacon themed products in multiple trendy locations in Montreal, for example Jean Talon Market sells bacon themed bandaids, t-shirts and even gum!

From festivals to bandaids, bacon is clearly trending in Montreal, but in September of 2014 the love of bacon escalated to a whole other level. The opening of Bar Brutus, an all-bacon restaurant, revolutionized the link between the bacon trend and the restaurant industry. Bar Brutus aims to be approachable with a classy and trendy vibe. Their menu consists of numerous bacon main courses, bacon drinks, bacon desserts but also bacon plates and bowls! (Huffington Post) This restaurant becomes more and more popular appealing to all trendy bacon lovers!

The bacon trend has just begun to ignite and is spreading more and more as Montreal catches on to the trendiness that is the bacon phenomenon. Keep your eyes open and taste buds ready, because the bacon love is everywhere and it’s just getting started.


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