Get Lost and Found – Hostel Bound

It can be easy to get lost in the luxuries of travel, but if you strip it down to it’s core traveling is a simple and beautiful act of discovery. There is a similar outcome when you strip the hospitality industry, finding what’s underneath the fancy hotels, bed and breakfast and resorts is actually something quite unique and beautiful. Hostels provide a service unlike any other form of hospitality, and that is why it has always been and will continue to be respectfully trendy.

When most people think of a hostel they imagine a grungy and cheap dirty room, but what I’ve discovered is just because it is affordable does not mean it doesn’t meet your satisfation. I had the privilege of sitting down with the General Manager the hostel HI-Montreal, Nicolas Lemaire. HI-Montreal is part of a network of international hostels,
unlike most independently oIMG_3361wned hostels, having a network gives them the chance to build a worldwide reputation. While the target guest is 18-35, there are all different kinds of guests that stay at HI-Montreal. Their mission is “to help all, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of people, places and cultures through hostelling”. (HI HostelsSpeaking to Nicolas Lemaire allowed me to gain some insight in the hostel industry. This large, trendy and welcoming space houses about 250 people offers free wifi, IMG_3375breakfast and also has it’s very own cafe bistro by day and bar by night. This allows guests from all over the world to interact with each other and attend diverse activities planned specifically for them to enjoy the Montreal experience. The guests are friendly and the staff is incredibly welcoming and up-beat, this laid back and cozy hostel definitely holds it’s own.

Staying in a hostel is not like staying in a hotel, a traveller could stay in a hostel for short or long term at an affordable price and can even work for their accommodations. This form of hospitality can give you the chance to meet some life-long friends and create memories you’ll never forget!


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