Tech For Your Trek

Everyone travels for different reasons, wether it’s to explore or to work one thing remains true, having the right technology to assist you along the way can make all the difference. It’s 2015 after all! No more struggling with maps while pretending to know how to navigate them, no more asking every other local where the “cool spot” to eat is and no more swallowing your pride to ask for directions because there is most definitely an app for that


The advances in technology has opened countless doors to the insight of traveling and has revolutionized the idea of spontaneous travel. With the help of TripAdvisor and Orbitz, both applications that display reviews and pictures directly from the consumers, every traveller has insight to all their choices in hotels, restaurants and other accommodations. Even if you happen to get stranded at a hotel that was reviewed as “cozy and old fashioned” but unfortunately realize cozy actually means the size of my shoe and old fashioned means held together by some scotch tape, well there’s an app for that too! Two very useful apps for hopeless situations include HotelTonight and Roomer, applications that allow you to find an last minute and inexpensive room in your area. There are countless applications that act as your tour guide and give you tips and places to see including Gogobot, Tripomatic and Triposo. (Time Out – World’s 50 Best Travel Applications) (PC MAG – The Best Travel Apps of 2015)

The link between travel and technology has grown stronger in the last decade and will continue to do so as technology becomes more and more personalized to the consumer. You can now book a flight from your watch or have accommodations recommended to you specifically from your previous interests.(Tnooz — A Brief History of Travel Technology) There really is no telling how far travel tech can take us, as long as you remember to look up from your smartphone to appreciate the moment you are present in, then the benefits are unanimous. Travel tech can make even the most intricate travel plans simple, so prepare yourself and make sure you have the right tech for your trek.


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