Don’t Panic, Go Organic!

The organic lifestyle is a growing trend due to the fact that people are becoming more and more health conscious in adScreen Shot 2015-11-23 at 8.10.34 PMdition to the increased availability of organic foods.

The health benefits to switching to an organic lifestyle is remarkable, it can increase the nutritional quality of your food, reduce your exposure to harmful synthetic pesticides and decrease unnecess
ary consumption of hormones and antibiotics. Organic foods are also known to have an even stronger flavor. (Organic Center)

The increased availability in supermarkets, health food stores, farmers markets and restaurants has not only fueled the desire for organically grown food it has also ignited a trend in eating healthy. Montreal offers numerous trendy restaurants and markets that are famous for their organic products. BioTerre Épicerie Santé is the place to go if your looking for organic foods and products, this store has an incredible reputation and is located in Montreal’s trendy Mile End. You can
also find gluten-free products at BioTerre, which have begun to become a trend of it’s own! (Mtl Blog)

In some places it could be difficult for people living the organic lifestyle to find a restaurant to go to, luckily Montreal has many to offer. ChuChai is highly recommended for all thai food lovers and offers a wide range of choices on the menu, although it is fairly expensive. A less expensive alternative is the very popular chain vegan restaurant Pantherne Verte, this eco-friendly Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 8.09.28 PMspot not only offers delicious food it also is known for it’s relaxing atmosphere and cool ambiance. (Happy CowAnd if your in the Gatineau area La Belle Verte is another healthy restaurant that is delicious for everyone, those living the organic lifestyle or not!
Don’t be alarmed, living organic can take some adjustment time, but the bene
fits are endless and it doesn’t necessarily have to taste like dry lettuce! With the varieties of restaurants and markets there is no shortage of organic foods and with the spreading awareness, this trend has just begun to catch fire!



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