From Boutique to Alternative

For some businesses, once they reach success they settle and remain consistent, sticking to what is familiar, while others strive for creative growth and expansion. Groupe Germain Hotels is known to be one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. The family owned boutique hotel chained started without even the direct intentions of being a boutique hotel rather than the desire to create an environment than related most to their values and sense of comfort and warmth. In 2007 Group Germain expanded their business and opened the first of 6 Alt Hotels appealing to a whole new side of the market.

The innovative thinking that created the Alt Hotels earned Groupe Germain Hotels even more respect than they already had. Like the Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 8.39.27 PM.pngname suggests, the Alt Hotel is a unique alternative to the average hotel, offering a trendy and simple but chic combination of eco-fiendly
features and modern design while remaining to be quite affordable. That is why the Alt Hotels caught the eye of many young travelers (no discrimination intended, the Alt Hotels are by all means not ageist). Starting in Montreal’s South Shore and quickly expanding across Canada, including the very trendy Griffintown in Montreal, Alt continues to grow with two more hotels in construction in Ottawa and Halifax. (Groupe Germain)

You’re probably wondering, “well hey, what makes the Alt Hotels so trendy?!” Well, first of all they are one of the only hotels that offer a fixed rate, no matter what season, high or low, left or right, the price is always affordable. In addition to the price, the atmosphere and aesthetics of the hotel is very appealing, with most locations covered in vibrant murals and even hammock swings in the lobby! The Alt Hotel is one to remember and is recognized as an incredibly expansing to the Groupe Germain Hotels.


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