Quebec City Trip – Not Just a Project

The class project to Quebec city wasn’t only a learning experience, it was a day to make memories and explore the city of Quebec. The day started bright and early, and like any other day when I have to wake up at 6 am, I was under-caffeinated and grouchy, but as soon as we got to Quebec City I felt a burst of excitement. The city itself was more beautiful than I remembered, last visiting as a young child I didn’t remember how quaint and old fashioned the city was. We decided to explore all the attractions first an2d get a feel of what makes the city such a popular place for tourists. The cold and windy weather couldn’t slow us down, because my group was on a mission to take as many silly selfies as humanly possible. Visiting the landmarks like the parliament building and the citadel
was filled with remarkable views but my favorite part was visiting the Maple Delight, a restaurant specializing in everything maple. I’m not sure if it was because it was the first time we got to warm up in over 2 hours or if it was all the maple treats we got to taste, but either way it was quite the experience.

The day was a great one, and filled with lots of laughs and adventures, but the most memorable part of the day was visiting Le Chateau Frontenac. Exploring the chateau-styled hotel was breathtaking and speaking to the assistant room division manager was very informative and exciting. I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced sufairch a jaw-dropping reaction to a hotel before, the beauty and luxury, al
though both famous characteristics of the hotel, were very unexpected.

This project allowed all of us to step outside of our comfort zone, work and enjoy time with people we don’t usually get the chance to, explore an unknown city on our own and interact with all different kinds of professionals in the tourism industry. It was unlike any other project, and I have to say, it was definitely a memorable experience.



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