As a first year Hotel Management student I have the chance to look at the industry with a fresh perspective and eager curiosity, qualities that all aspects of the tourism industry must continue to embrace in order to follow the newest trends. Befriend the Trend will be exploring the newest trends in travelling, entertainment, restaurants and culture as we take a closer look at what ignites the phenomenon behind each trend. It is crucial for businesses in the industry to keep up with newest trends but while there are many challenges in following trends there all also many opportunities. What appeals to people? Trends. But how do we keep track of what is trending and what is not? This is a question that we will come back to many times from all different perspectives starting with exploring what is currently so trendy about the city of Montreal, my hometown. As a west island raised Montrealer I was only recently exposed to how trendy Montreal really is, which is why we will take this journey together in discovering infamous trends that Montreal has to offer. What is trending in Montreal is just skimming the surface, which is why in order to fully understand the mystery of how a trend catches fire we will later look at what is trending on a more global scale.


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